Jetty Administration

Management & Organization

Operating Manual     (Indonesia)

Terminal Info & Port Regulations


Vessel Vetting Verification
    - Vessel Vetting Procedure
    - Vessel Vetting Questionnaire 2003

Vessel Berth Compatibility Criteria
    - Recommended Vessel Condition

Organisation & Job Descriptions

Port Operations

Pre-arrival Communications

Water Depth Surveys   (Channel A)   (Channel B)   (Channel C)

Navigation Aids and Pilotage
    - Harbor Traffic Management

Tugs and Support Craft

Terminal Layout/Physical Conditions

Terminal Layout and Design

Electrical Equipment



Ship/Shore Electrical Isolation

Ship/Shore Interface

Ship/Shore Safety Checklist (ISGOTT 5th Ed)


Ship/Shore Access

Ship/Shore Pre-Cargo Transfer Information Exchange

Operational Communications (Alongside Berth)

Cargo Transfer

Emergency Shutdown

Emergency Isolation

Environmental Limits

Cargo Transfer Equipment


Structural Surveys

Maintenance, Inspection & Testing Programme

Jetty development update - 10 Nov 2011  

Jetty development update - 13 Oct 2011  


Numbers are reference to elements of ISGOTT Marine Terminal Baseline Criteria & Assessment Questionaire (2004)