Our Services

Our skilled teams and dedicated managers are ready to get the services done on time and high quality manner.

Our services are  :

  • Formulation, Lubricants Blending, Re-blending, Filling, etc.

With varieties of products which PLI can produce, mainly catagorize as below :                                                                                          

  • Automotive Lubricants A wide range of products catering to the gasoline, diesel, and driven engines. Different API quality and SAE viscosity grades are available
  • Industrial Lubricants Serving the various lubricants like industrial gear oil, turbine oil, heat transfer oil, hydaulic oil, compressor oil, and lubricants which are used for heavy engine.
  • Marine Lubricants For use on board most sea-going vessel and fishing fleets, with both 2-stroke and 4-stroke heavy fuel/diesel power engines.
  • Metal Working Lubricants To meet the stringent demands of the metal working industries, for applications like stamping oil, punching oil, rolling oil, etc.